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Our success stories


recommendations served per month

$50 million

per month extra generated revenue for our clients

20+ Countries

serving our clients around the globe

  • 2009

    The first success and the idea of the company were inspired by the results of the $1M Netflix Prize competition in 2009. Our core team of data scientists tied for first place in predicting user ratings through state-of-the-art algorithms. - 10.06% improved Netflix algorithm

  • 2012

    Yusp, as a company has been focusing on various industries around the globe by providing next-generation digital transformation and personalization through a worldwide strategic partnership with Deloitte. - 35B+ monthly recommendations served

  • 2017

    Yuspify combines the same best-performing personalization solution in the most popular eCommerce platforms, with the possibility of easy integration and performance-based pricing for small and mid-sized eCommerce stores. - Plugin available on Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and more.

  • +62%

    Sales through recommendations

    During an extensive A/B testing period, our solution resulted in 62% more sales through recommendations than eMAGs in-house solution.

  • 61%

    More conversions from recommendations

    Visitors of Trendmaker.hu who clicked on recommendations provided by Yuspify converted 61% higher than other users.

  • 10%

    of Total Income through Yuspify

    Pamutlabor.hu's monthly revenue was boosted with the help of recommendations, and generated $59 / 1.000 impressions.

How we improve your performance

  • Cross-sell / Upsell

    Adaptive learning algorithms enable you to recommend relevant products for the right customers.

  • Increase Average Order Value

    Help your customers find what they might like by displaying accessories and items frequently bought together.

  • Decrease Bounce Rate

    33% of your visitors arriving from ppc campaigns & referrals are bouncing instantly. Don't let them leave early by suggesting relevant alternatives & personalized offerings!

  • Grow engagement

    Engaged users view more of your goods, eliminate their paradox-of-choice and personalize their shopping experience.

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