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Oct 03, 2018

posted by Mark Milankovich

How to name recommended products title

How to Name Your Recommended Product Titles

Recommended for you / You may also like / Related items — recommended product titles are very familiar expressions when it comes to eCommerce stores, we all have a general idea what to expect from item suggestions like these. ‘Amazon-like’ Product recommendations nowadays are important parts of every online store and are used widely across […]

Andras Marcell Marko

Sep 19, 2018

posted by Andras Marcell Marko

Cart Abandonment Solutions in 5 e-Commerce Marketing Dimensions

Cart Abandonment Solutions in 5 eCommerce Marketing Dimensions

Shopping cart abandonment occurs when the customer places goods into the cart or starts the checkout process but leaves the cart without completing the purchase. Almost every e-commerce business points out Cart Abandonment as a prominent occurrence to impair successful performance. You have to take all of these aborted purchases seriously and must treat them with […]

Andras Marcell Marko

Sep 10, 2018

posted by Andras Marcell Marko

What Makes a Shopify App Popular? Fashion & Apparel

This week’s guest post about the Shopify app scene is written by Victoria Greene who is a branding consultant of Victoria Ecommerce and a freelance writer. High ratings don’t always mean high quality. I mean, look at the Oscars: plenty of mediocre movies receive an Academy Award, but are basically forgotten in six months’ time. […]

Andras Marcell Marko

Aug 29, 2018

posted by Andras Marcell Marko

About the SaaS Revenue-based pricing model

About the SaaS Revenue-based Pricing Model

Prepaid Pricing Plans are too Risky Imagine being a fashion store owner somewhere in America in the roaring ‘20-s! You are about to hire sales representatives who will walk around the city and lure customers into your store. Back those times it was almost impossible to monitor the sales staff performance unless you sent a […]

Aug 23, 2018

posted by Mark Milankovich

examples of personalized recommendations in ecommerce

Examples of Personalized Recommendations in eCommerce

What is The Difference Between Recommendation and Personalization? Before anatomizing the examples of personalized recommendations, it’s important to clarify 2 definitions: people often use the words ‘recommendation’ and ‘personalization’ interchangeably. Start with the barest distinctions in the e-commerce-related definitions of these two terms! ‘Personalization’ is an extended method within e-commerce website optimization and we can […]

Aug 06, 2018

posted by Mark Milankovich

Yuspify product update

Product update: Introducing Yuspify

Simplified integration and usage-based pricing are the buzzwords of Yusp recommendation engine’s eCommerce solution for small and medium businesses. The recent product update includes a new branding and dashboard along with the flexible pricing and smooth integration. With the launch of Yusp in 2016 Gravity R&D made its enterprise recommendation engine available for smaller eCommerce stores. In 2017 the […]