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Apr 02, 2016

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Econsultancy and Adobe report finds personalization is the most important trend of 2016

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One of the most reputable digital marketing surveys, the Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing published by Econsultancy in association with Adobe highlighted personalization as the most important online trend of 2016.

31% of the 7000 marketing professionals that filled out the survey stated that “Targeting and personalization” are their top digital priority for 2016, closely followed by content optimization (29%). Social media was deemed only the third most important area, and it even fell 2 points since last year from 27% to 25%.


Targeting and Personalization comes first among the top priority digital-related areas measured by Adobe and Econsultancy

Which three digital-related areas are the top priorities for your organization in 2106? – Image from the Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing


As the survey concludes, personalization is, of course, not an end of its own. All efforts that are aimed at creating a personalized experience for customers serve the purpose of ultimately creating a better customer experience. 22% of the surveyed professionals marked “Optimizing customer experience” as the most exciting area to focus on in 2016. When asked about the most interesting opportunity of the next five years, 22% of the participant marketers thought that “Data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual” will definitely dominate the field in the years to come.


Most exciting opportunity - 2016 vs. 5 years time - chart

Most exciting opportunity – 2016 vs. 5 years time – Image from the Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing

These results are in line with the most salient trend of the last couple of years which, it seems, will only escalate in the near future. Marketing efforts are more and more focused on the individual customer and personalization technologies play an enormous role in carrying out such efforts.

Even though the results of the survey reflect the opinions of marketing professionals, agency people, and enterprise marketers, it also highlights some lessons that are just as important for online SMEs. If the top-notch marketers are emphasizing personalization, then investing in such technologies is a safe bet for any small business as well.

As we discussed in an earlier blog post, with the rise of recommendation as a service technologies, personalized product and content recommendations are within the reach of small business owners. One no longer has to be Amazo to be able to capitalize on customer data. SaaS-based recommender solutions like Yusp come at a price that is affordable for most SMEs and even more importantly, require very little technical skills to implement and provide a steady stream of extra revenue.

Splendid personalized email campaigns can be carried out with a simple Mailchimp account and a little creativity and if you want to give your marketing efforts an even stronger personal edge, there are a plethora of tools available even on a small business budget such as video personalization. You too should start thinking about how to make your business more personal!

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