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Mar 11, 2018

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Ultimate Guide for the Most Popular Shopify Apps

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Yuspify is on the verge of conquering Shopify app-store where thousands of plugins and apps are in the shopwindow, but only a few dozens of them can surpass the 1000 reviews. Nonetheless, high number of reviews doesn’t mean explicite equality to popularity, as low numbers don’t represent low popularity either. After randomly asking users about Shopify apps in facebook groups a clear picture gained shape: they prefer to rate with reviews the “so-called sexy apps” that make flashy changes in the surface. In the other end the old and omnipresent example is Mailchimp which is possibly the most used Shopify-plugin, but it is as low rated as 910 reviews, because people regard it obvious as air and running tapwater. The other undervalued and under-reviewed but still popular Shopify apps are the “backoffice bean counters”, the shipping-billing apps whose appearance seems to be less “sexy and sleek” in the surface but they help the shop owners with lubricating processes and with eliminating annoying supply chain thorns and shipping roadblocks.

Shopify Apps - most popular in app store

1. Most Popular Shopify Apps: Runners-up

Beeketing appeared to be the most popular app producer in the Shopify App Store in the first week of March 2018. The 10-year-old app developer giant covers all the categories: the sales category features the super successful Sales Pop approaching to 10000 reviews, the Tools category deploys a real jack-of-all-trades tool, Countdown Cart having more than 4300 reviews, and the customer service- and marketing category also benchmarks 4 apps over 1500 reviews:

Facebook Chat, 3033 reviews

Better Coupon Box, 3791 reviews (Beeketing’s first app)

Free Email Popups, 3838 reviews

Happy Email, 1605 reviews

Additionally, Beeketing sparks another app in Sales Category over 1000 reviews (Mobile Converter, 1245) All the apps, even the less popular Product Recommendations and Mailbot are rated immaculately close the five star perfection.


Most Popular Shopify Apps


In the second place Hextom rounds up roughly 9700 votes with 9 apps, the same figure Beeketing made from its flagship app Sales Pop. The second most popular Hextom App (Quick Announcement Bar) attracted 2319 users to rate, but the third one (Bulk Image Edit) falls under 1000.

Among the top app developer studios the most balanced storefront is shown by Bold Apps whose most wanted five apps betray a popularity between 800–1500 reviews. (Product Options is the first with 1430 and the most tarnished Product Upsell is still over 1030) Booster APPS and Aftership rather belong to the group of app providers having one powerful tool, and a few other ones with minor popularity. Booster APPS is very strong in SEO — they focus on sales, marketing and compound tools, while Aftership focuses on delivery and shipping only.

2. 1500–3000 reviews category

The medium weight most popular apps category (1500–3000 reviews) is represented by Lion Apps, ShopPad, SecomApp, Code Black Belt and Credibly DOO.

3.One-Star Shows

There are several app providers that stir up huge noise with one uber-groundbreaking app but their other applications are almost unknown. Privy is acclaimed to have 13130 ratings in the first week of March qualifying itself the most popular app in the Shopify Store. -developed „LoyaltyPoints, VIP, Referral Programs” Grizzly Apps –related Best Currency Converter, Recart –owned Messenger Marketing and Abandoned Toolbox and dropshipping heavy-artillery Oberlo belong to the club of “over2000-ers”.

If you would like to track your app rankings in the Shopify App Store, check for real-time reports!

Our next piece will be about the most integrated apps in the Shopify App Store — the developers’ thoroughness and providence are measured by how many cooperative technologies are found beneath the dashboard of the single app. We don’t surprise you with having found Mailchimp as the most recurrent part under the hoods, but there will be outstanding rarities.

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