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Sep 10, 2018

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What Makes a Shopify App Popular? Fashion & Apparel

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This week’s guest post about the Shopify app scene is written by Victoria Greene who is a branding consultant of Victoria Ecommerce and a freelance writer.

High ratings don’t always mean high quality. I mean, look at the Oscars: plenty of mediocre movies receive an Academy Award, but are basically forgotten in six months’ time. And that concept applies to apps too. To that end, I’ve identified some of the most popular Shopify apps for fashion and apparel stores to give you the rundown on what they do, why they do it best, and how they can help to grow your online store.

Image: Burst

Socialphotos, a Shopify App for Body-positivity

Price: $10-$50 a month

Free trial: 30 days

Fashion lovers these days are more and more demanding a greater emphasis on body-positivity. They want to move away from the typical size-zero models they see on the runway. Their desire is to see a fashion world that embraces body types in their glorious variety.

Socialphotos is well aware of this, and it’s the reason this Shopify app is so popular. This app curates user-generated content featuring your product direct from your customers’ social networks using a specific hashtag.

It then displays the photos on your product page, essentially using everyday, real-life shoppers to model your clothing or accessories.

Shopify App Socialphotos

Image: Nimble Activewear

The first thing that strikes you about Socialphotos is that it’s so easy to use. The original setup took only a few minutes, and the app support team is super helpful. Any queries I had were resolved very quickly, and they really listen to their customers. Socialphotos’ support team continually make tweaks and updates following customer feedbacks.

The only possible downside? The curated photos can take a while to load at times, but frankly, this is a minor flaw in what is otherwise a fantastic Shopify app.


Price: Free

Free trial: n/a

Social media and ecommerce are becoming more and more entwined, providing online store owners with a wider consumer audience to reach and more ways to reach them.

One such way is through Pinterest, a visual-driven social platform that is particularly useful for fashion ecommerce. Their app integrates with Shopify to allow merchants to sell their wares through Pinterest using Buyable Pins.

Shopify App Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

The setup process is very straightforward, although you are required to have a Pinterest Business account first. Once you’re done, your Shopify products will sync up to your Pinterest boards, and any changes you make will automatically be reflected. This lets you naturally increase your traffic by selling to customers where they are most active.

Friends who have used the app have, admittedly, found it a little buggy at times. However, Pinterest has a reliable support team who are quick to resolve any issues you report.

But the great thing about this app is that your customers never have to leave Pinterest to make a sale, creating a seamless and natural shopping experience for your customers. With functionality like this, the Pinterest integration is really a must-have.

Yotpo Reviews

Price: Free, with paid options available

Free trial: n/a

70% of shoppers check reviews before they make a purchase, and any ecommerce store worth their salt knows that social proof drives conversions. Take a look at any one of the many online businesses for sale on the Exchange marketplace, and you’ll find that virtually all of them have a review app of some kind installed. As an ecommerce store owner, it’s to your benefit that you include customer reviews at the point of sale.

Yotpo Reviews does all that for you, and more. First and foremost, this Shopify app collates reviews through a single request email following a customer’s purchase. It then places those reviews directly on your product page, so shoppers can easily source external testimonials without ever leaving your store.

Shopify App Yotpo Reviews

Image: Jana Reinhardt

But that’s not all. It also integrates with your social media feeds so your product’s reviews can be shared across Facebook, Twitter, and more. The paid plans also include a function that turns reviews into social ads! It’s ideal if you want to grow your online store and you’re willing (and able) to invest a little.

Shopify App Yotpo Reviews

Image: Yotpo

Personally, I found Yotpo to be a little tricky to set up at first, but their support team was really helpful and happy to assist with any coding. Their process for sourcing reviews is a lot more prolific than other review apps I’ve experienced too, even on the free plan. While you need to pay more to get the full functionality, the free plan still works great for those on a budget.

Yuspify – Personalized recommendations

Price: Performance based (starting from $29 with 3% revenue share)

Free trial: 30 days

A feature already in use by big-name brands like Amazon and ASOS, personalized recommendations are a great way to capitalize on customer shopping behavior to offer them products they might like. In fact, 60% of online shoppers found a personalized approach led them to find interesting products with ease.

Having tied for first place in the $1 million Netflix Prize in 2007,  the team behind Yuspify is well placed to provide a personalized recommendations Shopify app. Using state-of-the-art algorithms to query and analyze data, they helped improve Netflix’s user rating predictions by a substantial 10.06%.

Shopify  App Yuspify

Image: Yuspify

Since then, Yusp has brought their personalization expertise to a wide range of industries, partnering with Deloitte to provide more than 35 billion recommendations monthly to users from around the globe.

They bring the same knowledge and quality to e-commerce, with plugins available for WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, to name a few. Yuspify is easy to set up and highly intuitive to use — you can get started in minutes.

Its pricing structure is based solely on the performance of the system, only paying more as the service delivers you results. And even then, you are capped at 3% of your store’s revenue. It’s a great feature that really puts Yuspify up there! Request early access for this Shopify app here.

Collection Filter

Price: $4.99-$29.99 a month

Free trial: 7 days

Customer tastes and needs are wide and varied. Where one shopper wears only black and nothing else, the next is on the hunt for only the edgiest styles on the market. So when it comes to catering for consumer’s individual preferences, Collection Filter is up there.

It’s a super simple app that allows merchant stores to offer their customers the option to filter product collections by a variety of features. This can include color, size, brand, style, almost anything that the store owner requires.

Shopify App Collection Filter

Image: Airy Mary

The app also remembers customer choices as they browse the site, a feature that from feedback was very popular. Anything that makes your customers’ lives easier is a big plus! Unfortunately the user interface wasn’t as intuitive as other apps, although as ever the support team was willing to assist in guiding us through it. Either way, the sheer level of customizability far outstrips any negatives you might find. This is a great app for stores who sell products with a lot of variants, such as secondhand or thrift goods.

The Shopify App store features thousands of great apps that can not only make running your online store easier, but can help it grow too. Apps that improve your customer UX and boost sales by offering a personalized experience are ideal, particularly in the fashion and apparel category. Find the right apps for your store and you’ll see the difference in no time.

Victoria Greene is a freelance marketing and branding guru and writer having the passion for anything and everything digital. To see more about her work, please head on over to her blog, Victoria Ecommerce.

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