Guest post guidelines and principles


We accept contents between 800-1000 words. The content must cover e-commerce disciplines like online marketing generally, product sourcing, business intelligence, UX/UI, copywriting, social media optimization, onsite personalization etc. In limited number we also receive content covering adjacent disciplines like brick and mortar retail, business as a whole etc.

The content format can be text, chart, infograph, image and video. The text after published on Yusp blog site can be re-published as a whole on other sites with canonicalization only. Parts, chapters can be republished only by block-quoting them or in the text body with their source marked. The images, charts, infographs and videos must be original, or its origin must be clearly marked on the bottom of the content. Contents infringing copyright law will be deleted.

Product placements are allowed to be present in an informative/educative way. Product placements referring to Yusp market competitors or related to Yusp market competitors will be deleted or modified. We reserve the right to update the content in order to keep its actuality and to sublimate it from the out-of-date elements.

Please send the content and a few lines about the author to the following email: