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  • How do you calculate revenue through Yuspify?

    The products clicked and bought from recommendations within 24 hours are counted as sales through Yuspify – you only pay for items bought through Yuspify’s recommendations from an order.

  • How does ROI based pricing work?

    From the revenue generated through Yuspify we only take a small percent (starting from 3%, down to 1%) commission as service fee – this way you can use Yuspify without any risk and only pay based on the results we deliver.

  • What do personalized recommendations mean? How can that generate extra profit?

    Not all Product Recommendations are personalized: we differentiate recommendations authored and calculated from aggregated customer behaviour. These are usually placed to pages where not enough data is available about the individual customer. Personalized recommender widgets display different products for users based on their previous purchases and browsing history, which can be used typically on the home and profile page and in newsletters.

  • How can I cancel my plan?

    No commitment is needed for using Yuspify, you can end your billing period anytime during the month and you will be charged after the extra revenue generated from the start of your current period.

  • What payment methods are available?

    You can pay either by credit card or paypal. We also accept paying by bank transfer that you choose from your account. Shopify users are charged from their Shopify billing account.

  • How long is the trial period?

    All new registrants receive a 30-day free trial period that starts from the point of registation and the creation of the user account for Yuspify.

  • Do I need technical skills for implementing Yuspify?

    Yuspify is easy to implement, for the most popular eCommerce platforms we offer plugin integration for which you do not need to insert any code to your store to get started. If you need further guidance feel free to reach out to our expert team any time at

  • When will I get charged?

    You will be charged in the end of your period, which is based on the day your subscription has started each month.

  • Is VAT included in the price?

    Apart from companies from Hungary, VAT is included in the price for members of the European Union (with valid VAT number) and countries outside of Europe.

  • Do you have a recommendation based pricing for e.g. non-eCommerce businesses?

    The technology behind Yuspify can be used for all types of online businesses, like classified advertising, media publishing, telecommunication, video streaming and sharing. You can find more information on Apart from the revenue share model (tailored for eCommerce) we also offer a pricing based on the recommendation served in your period. Click here to see recommendation based pricing model.