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Collect Data


Increase Engagement

  • Collect data

    By connecting our system, our data mining solution will gather all your relevant data and create a structured and connection saturated big data cloud.

    • User clicks
    • User preference
    • Cart abandonment
    • Orders
  • Cross sale product


    Add to cart
  • Automate

    The core engine analyzes and learns from the collected data and creates item to item pairings based on the ‘wisdom of the crowd’.


By inserting recommendation widgets, you can optimize your user’s journey. These widgets will extend their visiting time, increase cart value and optimize conversions.

  • Product Page

  • Cart Page

  • Home Page

  • Category page

  • Product Page

    The main aim of product page recommendations is to provide a possible “next step” to your visitors who might be coming from PPC campaigns, price aggregators and referrals. For them recommendations should be a central element of your product page.




  • Cart Page

    Recommendations on cart pages reach the customer in a very favorable psychological state, where they are likely to make a purchase. Use this opportunity to upsell and increase your average order value.


    Uplift in cart page revenue in 4 months


  • Home Page

    Your main page is the shopping window that most users see coming from various traffic sources. Show your latest deals and discounts, product portfolio and personalized recommendations for returning visitors.

    21X ROI

    $21 revenue generated by /1.000 recommendations


  • Category page

    Showing recommendations on category pages can significantly reduce the time shoppers spend looking for their desired products and can help establish customer loyalty on your site.


    of total monthly revenue

    eCommerce adult industry client

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