Gyogyexpressz is a Hungarian webstore (using Unas platform) of medical aids and health care products.

  • 250%

    CTR increase in 9 months

  • 11.5%

    average CTR on product page recommendations


Gyogyexpressz implemented Yuspify in February, 2017. In the first months the customers clicked on the product page recommendation with a 4,63 % click-through rate, and the revenue generated on this streak made up 4,15 % of the monthly total revenue.


Yuspify continously collected user data and buy events to train the system and integrate it into the data cloud in order to provide more precise, tailored offers.


After 9 months CTR has gradually reached the 250% performance increase in November, delivering an 11.5% annual average click-through rate which made up an average 12,7 % of the monthly incomes.