Personalization in eCommerce

The most important trends of personalization that affect all marketing activities.

What is in the whitepaper?

A truly Omnichannel strategy in eCommerce cannot be build without leveraging data for personalization. Industry leaders already agree that personalization is one of the most critical elements to get satisfied users.

In this whitepaper you will learn more about:
– The basic principles of recommendation algorithms
– The future of personalization
– What ROI you can get by personalization
– Case studies from eBay and Netflix

About yuspify

Yuspify is a scalable SaaS recommendation engine that brings Gravity R&D's machine learning power from SMEs at an affordable price to customized solutions for Enterprise needs. It integrates with any major eCommerce platform and CMS, users can easily import their product catalogs, customize and insert recommender boxes, track the performance of their recommendations, set up custom logics and campaigns, and perform A/B tests.

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