How to Prepare Your e-Commerce Store For The Black Friday Cyber Monday Peak

What is in the whitepaper?

Optimize your eStore for the extra traffic coming during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We collected the most vital information for you, in the 26-page whitepaper.


You will learn about:

– Making sure your site can manage the traffic peak

– Optimizing your page speed (e.g. Shopify, Prestashop, WordPress, Opencart)

– Brand your promotion and get new referrals

– How to communicate your promotion on-site and off-site channels

– Track revenue figures and conversion values

About yuspify

Yuspify is a scalable SaaS recommendation engine that brings Gravity R&D's machine learning power from SMEs at an affordable price to customized solutions for Enterprise needs. It integrates with any major eCommerce platform and CMS, users can easily import their product catalogs, customize and insert recommender boxes, track the performance of their recommendations, set up custom logics and campaigns, and perform A/B tests.

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